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Telemarketing Sales: 5 Tips for Making the Cold Call Effective Again

Telemarketing sales techniques that focus on quantity over quality are destined to fail. Thats why businesses that spend the extra time and resources to properly qualify potential leads reap the rewards. Cold calling without properly qualifying the lead is not only a waste of resources, its downright dangerous for businesses in this world of Do Not Call registries and ever-increasing FCC regulations.

5 Tips for Increasing Telemarketing Sales

The Small Business division of Canada offers several timely tips on turning the cold call into a telemarketing sales success. Keep in mind that while these may seem like no-brainers, many companies in a rush to pursuit leads are often guilty of ignoring these basic principles:

  1. Deciding the primary goal of the call and following it. If the call is designed to make a sale, then the rules change a little bit. If the first contact is aimed at nothing more than earning the trust for a second connection, though, businesses need to make sure the script and the caller are working in that direction.
  2. Spending time researching the market and creating a profile. Without a clear demographic describing the target prospects and what their buying tendencies might be, a cold call is generally nothing more than a shot in the dark. A little bit of legwork in this area goes a long way.
  3. Making the first impression count. Perhaps the most critical portion of any telemarketing sales call comes in the first 30 seconds. Thats why a thoughtful script is vital. In most cases, the script should not be read word-for-word, but rather serve as a framework for natural--but directed--conversation.
  4. Treating office assistants and other gatekeepers with respect. They truly hold the keys to the kingdom. To reach the decision makers sometimes requires going through layers of office personnel. If this process is done respectfully, it could result in the respect being repaid in the form of a sale.
  5. The follow-up can be as critical as the initial contact. It doesnt have to be anything flashy or expensive, but sending first contacts a gentle reminder never hurts. If businesses can send something that works in conjunction with their offer--all the better.

Sales: From Telemarketing Strategy to Action

According to Mike Jackson, director of telemarketing company Ebony-Bailey Marketing, companies launching telemarketing sales campaigns should shoot for 20 days--and certainly no fewer than 10--starting with small pilot campaigns that can effectively gauge the potential of larger ones. Companies should take care to never use data purchased from a clearinghouse or similar information mining firm. Properly qualifying leads is extremely important and should be left to completely trusted sources.


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