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Eight Questions to Ask When Acquiring a Telemarketing List

The success of a telemarketing campaign begins long before the first telemarketing call is ever made. Making sure to use a contact list that is appropriate to the telemarketing campaign will increase the chances of reaching the right people, while reducing time wasted on contacting bad prospects.

The Telemarketing List

There is no shortage of telemarketing companies who will offer to provide lists of names and numbers, but to get the best return out of an investment in a list, it is important to ask the right questions first. Here are eight key questions to ask when acquiring a telemarketing list:

  1. What is the purpose of the telemarketing list? Having clearly stated goals for the telemarketing campaign is the first step toward finding a list to match those goals. Defining whether the goal is to spread information or make sales, whether it concerns a product or a service, and what the nature and price range of that product or service will be, are all good starting points.
  2. What is the target customer profile? Once the goal of the telemarketing campaign is defined, it is possible to formulate a profile of the target customer. This might include gender, age, income bracket, and previous buying behavior. It is helpful if the company has an established customer base for the product or service in question. The more a company can profile its existing customers, the more effectively it can target people like them.
  3. How narrow is the telemarketing list? Creating a customer profile helps define the criteria for a telemarketing list, but before setting those criteria in stone, it is important to take a step back. How confident is the company that it has precisely identified its target audience? Unless a marketing effort and product line are extremely well established, it might be better to use a slightly wider range of inclusion around the specific target criteria. This will not only allow for more numbers, but for a certain amount of experimentation that might expand the market.
  4. How old is the list? Marketing information has an increasingly short shelf life, so it is important to ask telemarketing companies how dated their information is.
  5. How widely has the list been sold? This is somewhat related to the above point, but rather than the age of the information being the concern, the issue here is to what extent a companys competitors have already thoroughly covered a given list.
  6. When is the list due to be updated? One way to alleviate concerns about the age and freshness of a telemarketing list is to find out when it is due to be updated, and arrange to obtain the updated version as soon as it is available.
  7. What is the source of the list? How telemarketing companies obtain their lists can go a long way to determining how receptive people on those lists will be to telemarketing calls. It is helpful if there is some kind of affiliation associated with the list, some degree to which people on the list have opted in to providing information, and/or past buying behavior which suggests that this type of sales approach will be successful.
  8. How much data is on the list? Finally, the more data fields there are, the better the list can be refined once the telemarketing calls start.

Companies should do their homework before hiring a telemarketing company. Theres no excuse for wasting money, and, no two ways about it, bad marketing is a waste of money. Targeted telemarketing calls provide high-quality leads.


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