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Merchant Cash Advance

Top 4 tips for Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance

Why should my business look for a Merchant Cash Advance?

If you are a new or existing business not getting the desired treatment from traditional banks, then you may want to consider merchant cash advance services. A merchant cash advance service will help those with little material assets but plentiful receivables by advancing them money based on consumers credit card debt.

A merchant cash advance provider will give your company the money up front and you will have to pay back the principal plus a fee. The merchant cash advance vendor will take an agreed percentage of your accrued credit card sales until the balance has been leveled.A growing business needs money for business equipment, expansion, etc. and merchant cash advances provide opportunity.

What are some issues and solutions involving Merchant Cash Advances?

Fees can get pricy. Seek a merchant cash advance vendor which can waive initial fees and closing costs.Some merchant cash advance vendors will want you to pay them back via fixed payments. Seek a vendor giving you the option of non-fixed payments.If you are a young company, then look for a merchant cash advance provider which requires you to be in business for only one year.

Your business may not have the incredible credit score some merchant cash advance vendors require. Look for vendors accepting scores of 500 or higher.Discuss the limit of money given by your merchant cash advance provider. Some providers offer up to $50,000 and some go to $300,000 or more.It is important to receive multiple quotes for merchant cash advance services in order to find the best match for your business.

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