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Preparing for the Future of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an evolving art. Yesterdays innovations are todays best practices--and tomorrows old hat. SEO specialists are ever-vigilant for advances in search technology, striving to stay a step ahead of the state of the art. By partnering with an SEO service, businesses can ensure a Web presence that takes full advantage of Internet search and stays at the top of the rankings.

Optimizing for Tomorrows SEO

The most effective search engine optimization services stay up on the newest developments in Internet search and adjust their SEO strategy accordingly. Businesses searching for a reliable partner should make sure the service specialists have an eye not only on todays algorithms but also on future developments that could impact organic search rankings.

SEO Shake-Up

SEO specialists are always prepared to negotiate incremental changes in Google search algorithms. But a series of new technologies could challenge SEO services to reevaluate even their most fundamental optimization practices. Two major innovations SEO specialists are watching:

  • Microsofts Bing Search Engine. The guess what Google will do next game is set to change with the entry of another major player in search: Microsofts Bing. Bing aims to "deliver answers rather than Web pages." Unlike Google, Bing groups results under numerous headings, showing the three most relevant results for each category. This raises the stakes for sites that tend to occupy mid-level positions (e.g., six through ten) in Googles rankings. SEO specialists are taking the following lesson from Bings innovation: sites optimized for targeted traffic will prevail in Bings environment.
  • Google Innovations. Google, meanwhile, has introduced several new technologies bound to transform SEO: its new browser Chrome and a "next-generation" search infrastructure, Google Caffeine.
    • Caffeine. Although Caffeine affects primarily the data infrastructure underlying search, SEO companies are on the lookout for ways the innovation could impact search rankings. Caffeine indexes more pages and more links, and adds more factors into the search algorithm; the goal is to produce real-time page rank calculations, improving the quality and timeliness of the results. According to a UK Internet marketing agency, the new infrastructure could challenge SEO services to take into account more factors involved in the algorithm and to engage more "top-of-the-range social media marketing [strategies] as backup for on-site SEO."
    • Chrome. Googles browser Chrome claims a small market share, but carries some important SEO implications--particularly if rival browsers Firefox and Explorer introduce similar innovations. SEO services have their eyes on Chromes merged address and search bar. By combining the two functions in a single space, the browser increases the value of the top organic-search ranking, which appears as an autocomplete option. The autocomplete feature also reduces the value of typo traffic.

By staying a step ahead of next-generation search, search engine optimization services are working to ensure that their clients remain at the top of the organic search rankings--today and tomorrow.



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