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SEO Firms Perpetually Unable to Sit Back and Relax

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

This saying applies brilliantly to search engine optimization, especially the part about change, because thats exactly what search engines are always doing to their search algorithms: changing them. Nevertheless, these changes are aimed at a timeless goal, from the perspective of the search engine: to deliver relevant, high quality search results.

Whats a search engine optimization firm to do in the face of all this change? Keep up.

Search Engine Optimization Agencies Dont Always Get the Memo

Although search engine optimization is now a fairly well-developed industry, the art of good SEO can still be quite esoteric. The desirability of showing up on that first page of Google search results is so high, the business impact so potentially huge, that people who know the secrets dont necessarily share them with the world.

This secrecy extends to the search engines themselves, which are wary of being "gamed" by SEO companies working to "outsmart" the search engines on behalf of paying clients. Google, for instance, maintains extremely tight control over its "secret sauce" search algorithms. By some reports, Google changes this secret sauce up to 1,000 times per year.

Or maybe more often than that. Nobody knows...because its a secret.

SEO agencies, then, had better eat their Wheaties when it comes to researching what works and what doesnt, and theyd better be testing and re-testing and re-re-testing, because what works today may not work tomorrow.

SEO Firms Need Real (Virtual) World Experience

Every SEO agency can read the trade Web sites, attend the trade shows, and do Internet research. After that minimum level is reached, though, there is another factor that separates a great SEO firm from a mediocre competitor:

Real world experience in the virtual world.

SEO firms staffed by individuals who have been doing this for years may gain an innate advantage in such a fast-changing industry for several important reasons. One, because changes to search algorithms are often changes back to what came before. A search engine may "weight" in-bound links more heavily for a while, for example, then re-balance again.

Reason number two as to why experience counts? Because effective SEO is a matter of priorities, and chasing a changing algorithm can be completely counterproductive. SEO agencies should by all means take advantage of changes, but following todays change is poor strategy when tomorrow here comes another.

Reason number three why experienced SEO staffers matter immensely is that such people often have connections to the technical staffs of the search engines themselves.

SEO Timeless Principles a Good Place to Start

If all this changing seems like too much for even the most attentive SEO firm to stay aware of, rest assured that technical changes do not erase the timeless principles of effective search engine optimization, such as using high demand, low supply keywords and tracking results at all times.

Such fundamental practices of SEO remain eternally relevant because they directly address the mission of the search engines: to deliver relevant, high quality search results. SEO agencies that keep constantly focused on satisfying that basic need of the search engines are worth seeking out, rather than those that rely on the newest trick of the trade.

Fads go out of style. Fulfilling customer needs, never.


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