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SEO on a Shoestring Budget

Search engine optimization (SEO) doesnt have to be expensive to get results. Affordable SEO companies work within their clients budgets to increase site traffic and search engine rankings. The following strategies help companies get the benefits of SEO without breaking the bank.

SEO Strategies for Slim Budgets

A little can go a long way. Budget-conscious businesses can stretch their SEO dollar using the following strategies:

  1. Begin with the Basics. Establish a search engine-friendly Web site from the outset. Businesses can make the most of their resources by investing in a sound Web site. SEO specialists can create a foundation for future success by designing a Web site with a solid structure and SEO coding.
  2. Aim for Long-Tail Keywords. Competition for the top keywords can send the bidding price through the roof. Businesses can save on their budget--and get more targeted traffic--by aiming for more specific keywords and keyword phrases. For example, shoes may yield high traffic but take a big bite out of the budget. Womens running shoes sale may not yield the volume, but visitors are segmented and more motivated to buy--and the cost is much lower. Specific keyword phrases and niche terms require a little more research, but the strategy can produce better return for a lower investment.
  3. Custom-Built. Find an SEO company that offers affordable custom SEO packages. Custom packages can save businesses money in the long run, since they dont have to pay for services they dont use. ROI also gets a boost if the package is tailored and tweaked to the companys needs.
  4. Do-it-Yourself. Businesses can stretch their budget by doing some of the work in-house. SEO specialists should take care of the core Web design and strategy, but site updates can be DIY. Blogs, articles, and other keyword-rich content can help drive traffic to the site--no technical expertise necessary. An SEO company offers the following small-budget SEO advice: "Get involved: set up a blog on your site and start writing content relevant to your users, your industry, and your keywords."
  5. Network, network, network. Affordable SEO companies can get more mileage from the budget by reaching out to other Web sites and individuals. Link-building strategies such as posting content on other Web sites can attract traffic. Also supplement the core SEO effort by using social media. SEO companies often have social media specialists who can help clients make the most of this strategy.

Find an Affordable SEO Company

Ultimately, the most important strategy for staying within budget is to find an affordable SEO partner. An affordable SEO company charges market rate for services, but adjusts services to fit the clients budget. Experts caution businesses to look for the best value, not simply the cheapest SEO company. Cheap SEO often means low-quality site design and at worst, black-hat tactics. Black hat SEO uses link farms, spam, and keyword-stuffing to temporarily inflate results.

A reputable SEO company offers a long-term winning strategy built on solid Web site design and strong content. Affordable SEO adds cost to the considerations, building a strategy that gets results while staying within the marketing budget.


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