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Post-Recession, Quality SEO Firms Get Harder to Find

During the recent economic slowdown, many businesses discovered that diverting some of their marketing budgets to search engine optimization offered more effective results than traditional advertising. Unlike mass media advertising, effective SEO requires more than just a turnkey approach. The very best search engine optimization projects pair engaged clients with focused, effective SEO firms. Developing those partnerships now requires a willingness on both parties parts to seek long term success.

Search Engine Optimization Shakeout Hits New Media

According to industry insiders, the recession has impacted the search engine optimization field in a few unusual ways:

  • Top SEO firms have become more selective about the kinds of clients they take on. A recent New York Times article cites some well-known SEO specialists who have cut clients from their roster for not being easy to work with or for failing to understand the long-term impact of SEO.
  • Many freelance and solo SEO specialists have gone "in-house," taking jobs at corporations that provide health benefits and enhanced stability.
  • Inexperienced newcomers hang out their shingles as SEO and social media experts, only to frustrate clients with lackluster results.
  • The publication of books and educational programs about search engine optimization has led some potential SEO clients to attempt their own projects, only to inadvertently get blacklisted by Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Despite plenty of online ads and search results for SEO services, they very best search engine optimization companies have gained the ability to choose their client rosters.

Secrets to Attracting Top SEO Firms to a Project

According to SEO agency veterans, the chances of achieving success on a project have become just as important as the depth of a prospective clients pockets. SEO companies want to work with clients who understand what success looks like. A prospective client must do more than simply request quotes:

  • Attractive clients understand the search engine optimization process. Prospective clients unwilling to develop true partnerships around online content and style may have trouble finding a legitimate SEO firm with which to partner.
  • Attractive clients set clear, measurable goals. Knowing the signs that SEO strategies are working can prevent company leaders from spending too much on ineffective strategies.
  • Attractive clients prepare for long relationships. SEO isnt a "quick fix" for companies with severe marketing challenges. Used effectively over time, SEO agencies can help make clients synonymous with targeted search phrases.
  • Attractive clients agree on pricing at the start of a project. Too often, companies looking for a cheap SEO solution run out of cash before they see the real benefits of their strategy. Effective SEO firms lay out the long term budget required to gain and maintain top search results. Prospective clients must understand the cost and commitment required to retain real experts.

Most business owners can now afford simple software and courses that help them achieve some affordable SEO results on their own. To really own the top search results in their markets, however, company leaders have realized the necessity of recruiting skilled SEO professionals. Changing company culture often becomes the first step to attracting the right partners to help reach long term success.


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