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Selecting Assembly/Pick-Pack Services the Right Way

It can be exciting to bring a new product to market. But without the proper assembly and packaging it may be difficult to reach potential customers. Hiring an assembly service can help a business assemble, package, warehouse, and market its products more efficiently.

Why Use Assembly Services?
Assembly services are used in a variety of industries, including electronics, manufacturing, medical, and furniture operations. An assembly service can help a company have a better return on investment (ROI). It can be costly to recruit, train, and retain employees to handle assembly and packaging. That can result in high labor costs and an inability to handle deliveries to customers in a timely fashion. Using contract assembly can result in:

  • Improved production scheduling
  • Hourly productivity management and reporting
  • Increased turn times
  • Decreased backlogs in production

Hiring an Assembly Service
Its important for an assembly service to be compatible with a companys goals. The venture should be a collaborative process that allows for improving upon procedures that arent meeting a companys objectives. Contract assembly can help a business redesign its production processes, collaborate on efforts to improve internal and external processes, increase on-time delivery to clients, and eliminate recruitment and hiring for production personnel. Any assembly service hired should have specific training and procedures for workers.

Services Offered
Whether a business needs to outsource all assembly services or simply a special project, there are a variety of duties that can be handled. Depending upon the assembly service, it may provide assistance with packaging, shrink wrapping, bagging, kitting, labeling, and encoding. Some contract assembly firms also help with bulk mailings, inspections, pricing, and display assembly.

Before hiring an assembly service its also important to know what kind of warehousing they offer. Some things that may be important for a business to consider are climate control, rail access, inventory management, and security issues.

What to Ask Assembly Services
Businesses should shop around for the best package of services that fall within their budget. They also should check out the reputation and quality of any firms they consider hiring. Free consultations can show how much money can be saved by outsourcing assembly. Some assembly firms may also offer other services that can be bundled together for extra savings. Those services could include things like credit card processing or call center tasks.

New business owners sometimes make the mistake of trying to do everything themselves. Not only can this costly, but it can keep a business owner from making the most efficient use of their time. Budgeting to outsource assembly services can be a smart move that can help a business grow and get is products on the market faster.

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