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Business Phone System

What Factors Should I Consider in Choosing a Phone System?

  • Think about your short and long-term needs. Analyze how employees are utilized and the state of your business in years to come. Think about basic needs such as multiple extensions, remote voicemail, route-to-fax capabilities, and call forwarding.
  • Choose a phone system with added options that you can find useful. Auto-attendant acts as a secretary while freeing the time of your employees, conferencing enables several people to be on a call at the same time, call hunt enables you to dial employees based on an order.
  • Many phone systems enable you to involve home-based employees or outside contractors. Options are also available for those who frequently travel or whose business causing them to be on the road often.
  • Consider the expansion of your business. You do not have to purchase a huge system; many systems can be supplemented to meet larger needs.

How Should I Plan for My Purchase?

  • Ask other businesses in your industry about their purchases. Others can alert you to advantages, disadvantages, and relate anecdotes.
  • A professional phone system speaks volumes about your business. Do not lower your credibility by going with a cheap phone system. Consider your return on the investment.
  • Consider buying used phone systems. These cost a lot less, but are sufficient in serving the same purpose.
  • Spend time searching for a dealer. Receive several quotes while doing research on your own before making your final decision.

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