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Looking to Choose a VOIP Phone Service?

What kind of phone service is your business using? A great number of businesses seem to be interested in the phrase of “wireless networking.” Broadband phone services enable phone calls to be made over your high-speed Internet connection. The broadband phone (or VoIP) uses the same IP network as your Web service. Hardware adapters connect a standard phone to the Internet connection to enable your VoIP services.

There are a few considerations to keep in mind before purchasing VoIP services. The following offers some insight into the world of VoIP phone services:

Internet compatibility
Most VoIP services only work with DSL or cable modem connections. Subscriptions to dial-up, satellite, or wireless broadband may limit or eliminate your user capabilities.

There are different plans to choose from hosted by various VoIP providers. Some plans feature unlimited local calls or an allotted number of free minutes. It is best to clearly understand the limitations of your plan. Though you may be getting a good rate or no rate fee for some features, you may be getting charged in some other area (long-distance, international, etc.).

Due to its reliance on your Internet connection, the susceptibility of your VoIP phone service to problems is greater than that of a standard voice phone. Calls will not be able to be made if your Internet service is down.

Many advertisers make it known that your prior telephone number can be transferred to your VoIP service. Depending on the service provider and your prior number, this may not be a possibility. Most providers make you responsible for requesting and paying for the opportunity to keep your existing number.

It is suggested to carefully read the contract agreement. Some providers may restrict your ability to change providers at a later point in time. Large fees may be applied to change your phone number, service plan, or to switch to another company. It is also a possibility that the local phone company will charge you a fee for switching back to their services if you are not satisfied with the VoIP services.

The general sound quality of a VoIP service is good. One of the reported grievances is that there is a bit of delay between the time you speak and the other party hears you. The quality of sound relies on several other factors as well such as location and service. The best thing to do would be to ask a VoIP service for references. This way, you could call other businesses to see how the services are working for them.

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