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On Hold Messaging

Top tips for On Hold Messaging

On Hold Messaging

What could an On Hold Messaging Service do for my business?

  1. On hold messaging prompts impulse buys. Supplying service/product information to waiting callers may inadvertently sell them additional products/services.
  2. On hold messaging can save your workers time. A caller may just need basic information which can be supplied while they are on hold.
  3. On hold messaging can help build your brand. Companies invest thousands into marketing, yet every caller placed on hold can hear your slogan for fractions of the price.
  4. On hold messaging molds the callers perceptions. Assurance that everything is being done to help them and their business is appreciated will make positive associations in the callers mind to your business.

What factors should I consider before purchasing On Hold Message Services?

Think about how many on hold messages your company will need. If you have a large number of non-repeat callers, there is no need to change it frequently. Most experts say to change your on hold messages about four times per year.

Ask the on hold messaging service to be specific about the length and nature of the messages they provide. Some messages may be a line, a paragraph, or two minutes worth of information depending on the vendor.

Make sure you hear the on hold message being attached to your business before your callers. Sometimes the euphonious voice you hear on the demo is not the voice appearing on your message.

Discuss the script with your on hold message service. If they have worked in your industry before, they may be able to give you ideas on how to make yours better.

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