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Vendor Testimonials

"Vendorseek has helped to shorten the sales cycle for our business by identifying prospective clients who are in need of call center services. By identifying these prospects for us, Vendorseek eliminates the amount of time normally required to source a new sale and qualify it."

Kathy Gray

"Participation in the VendorSeek program provides our company with a cost-effective way to reach internet users who are searching for our services. Leads generated through the service tend to be from quality, serious buyers."

Ayal Latz
A2B Fulfillment

"We are happy to relay our wisdom through our articles on the site. We enjoy the occasion to create a connection with the readers and present an experienced view into our industry."

Andrew Pauson

"We find VendorSeek advantageous because it works like a matchmaking service for businesses. It eliminates a certain amount of cold calling on our side, and gives us a source of hot, targeted leads that we can set the parameters for. It helps the customer because they get quotes and information for the exact services they are looking for, free of charge."

Todd Allred

"MoreVisibility is very happy with our relationship with VendorSeek. We attract quality business from their referrals. Their services are easy to use, associates are knowledgeable and helpful, and Web site offers great information. We look forward to continued success in our partnership with VendorSeek and we are proud to be a contributing author to their Industry Experts page."

Andrew Wetzler

"As President/CEO of a national commercial collection agency, I have been involved in numerous lead generation ventures. With-out question, has exceeded our greatest expectations. Not only do we receive quality leads specific to our requested parameters, we find that these organizations are ready to do business. has provided us with excellent customer service and has been both expedient and professional in all of our interactions. has been a significant part of our growth and development and we are looking forward to a long and continuing relationship. "

Phillip F. Weaver

"Thanks to our placement in VendorSeek, we have consistently seen referral traffic to our website. VendorSeeks competitive bid process allows buyers to select from among five competitive price quotes, assuring the buyer of both an excellent price and service.

VendorSeeks service has helped us to obtain new clients, while also making sure we are competitive in the marketplace for both our services and our costs. Firms seeking search engine marketing professionals can use VendorSeek knowing they will receive referrals only to the firms that fit the profile for the services they want.

The result is a win-win situation for the buyers seeking reputable search engine optimization firms and for the search engine companies.

If you arent already using VendorSeek, I encourage you, no matter the size of your business, to do so now."

John G. Sanchez
Chairman and CEO
Zunch Worldwide, Inc.

"VendorSeek has helped our business grow by getting us more referrals and granting us the opportunity to show our own clients what we can do for them. VendorSeek aids us in making a name for ourselves in the Search Engine Optimization industry. They provide excellent customer service and continue to consistently generate leads for our company. We are most satisfied with our relationship with VendorSeek."

James A. Lisi
Increase Visibility Inc.

"VendorSeek has been a great asset to our business for over two years. We close an impressive percentage of leads thanks to their referrals. Their services are easy to be a part of and their Industry Experts page is a good place to find business-related information. We are very happy with our relationship with VendorSeek."

Alex Fridman
New Image Technology Corporation

"VendorSeek is a pleasure to work with. We have been with them for quite some time now, and the positive things to say keep increasing. We get great leads and quality service from them every time we do business. VendorSeek has gained us more acclaim in our industry and we look forward to staying with them."

George Hoffman
Source One Fulfillment

"We are very satisfied with our relationship with VendorSeek. We attract great leads for our business by using their services. VendorSeeks customer service is always dependable and their site offers great business information. E-chx Inc. is happy to be associated with VendorSeek and will continue to foster the partnership."

E-chx Inc.

"I am pleased overall with my relationship with VendorSeek. We have been aligned with some fantastic clients due to their referrals. Their site is user friendly and their customer service is efficiently performed. VendorSeek opens more doors in the fulfillment industry for us."

Dan Lokey
UMS Fulfillment, Inc.

"Vendorseek has generated invaluable leads for ALOM over the last 16 months. Our sales staff loves receiving the leads -- especially because the leads are qualified in advance. The Vendorseek lead generation program has allowed us to add a significant number of new companies to our long list of 100% satisfied fulfillment customers."

Hannah Kain